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Shungite Tumbled Stone Set of 4 - EMF Protection

Shungite Tumbled Stone Set of 4 - EMF Protection

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Set of 4 tumbled Shungite stones. Great for both your sacred space and crystal healing practice. Shungite is one of the best stones to use to protect against EMFs!

Each stone is unique and therefore will vary in exact measurements, although the range is between 1/2 - 1 inches each

*** Shungite is a very powerful cleansing and activation stone that works on many levels. It helps clear and align the energy bodies in order to receive high frequency Light. It can also help with clearing away emotional difficulties, old patterns that no longer serve you, and many other kinds of negativity that may have been preventing the necessary steps forward. It can engender feelings of emotional rebirth, instill steadfast Truth and a overall higher alignment with the Light Body.



8x7x4.5 inches

Care information

It is considered a living sculpture, although it requires very minimal maintence. The moss requires little light and hardly ever needs to be watered. If you ever find that your moss is beginning to dry out, simply mist very lightly with water. Be sure to keep away from harsh sunlight :)

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