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Pink Calcite Tumbled Stone - Choose Quantity

Pink Calcite Tumbled Stone - Choose Quantity

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Smooth Polished Pink Calcite Tumbled Stone from Mexico.

Each Stone Measures approximately: 1 x 1/2 inches and will vary from stone to stone. You will receive your desired quantith randomly selected from the lot shown.

*** Pink Calcite is a wonderfully soothing stone for the Heart. Its energy speaks of compassion and loving radiance towards oneself and others. It is excellent for all aspects of emotional healing and can clear past trauma from the emotional body whether from this lifetime, or a previous one. It embodies both the fire and water element and stimulates both the Heart and the Solar plexus, allowing us to take action based on the truth of the heart.



8x7x4.5 inches

Care information

It is considered a living sculpture, although it requires very minimal maintence. The moss requires little light and hardly ever needs to be watered. If you ever find that your moss is beginning to dry out, simply mist very lightly with water. Be sure to keep away from harsh sunlight :)

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