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Lepidolite Gemstone Roller Bottle - 10ml - DIY

Lepidolite Gemstone Roller Bottle - 10ml - DIY

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Infuse your essential oils with the spirit of Gemstones! These unique Rollers are made with standard 10ml Clear glass bottles, a Gemstone Roller ball and black cap! We have several varieties of stones available. Gemstones and essential oils function quite harmoniously with one another, as they each draw upon their inherent gifts of the earth.

>> This listing is for ONE 10ml bottle. We also offer a set of 10 for a discounted price. >> Interested in wholesale? Feel free to message me for costs. :)

*** Lepidolite is a stone of serenity and grace. It is extremely effective for calming frayed nerves and helps alleviate stress and worry. It is a great balancer of emotional extremes and helps us find a strong, stable center and learn how to handle minor upsets and prevent them from turning into an emotional tailspin.



8x7x4.5 inches

Care information

It is considered a living sculpture, although it requires very minimal maintence. The moss requires little light and hardly ever needs to be watered. If you ever find that your moss is beginning to dry out, simply mist very lightly with water. Be sure to keep away from harsh sunlight :)

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