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Black Kyanite Fan Raw Crystal Cluster - One Stone

Black Kyanite Fan Raw Crystal Cluster - One Stone

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Raw Black Kyanite Crystal Cluster A gorgeous display of Black Kyanite featuring an elongated fan of crystals. Your stone will be intuitively chosen from the lot shown.

Each stone measures between 1.5 - 2.5 inches long and around 1/2 - 3/4 inches wide.

*** Kyanite in all colors, is a stone of connection. Black Kyanite is both grounding and energizing. This is very useful in energetic healing as it clears blocked energies in the chakras and replenishes the meridian system. Also a great stone to experience interdimensional consciousness, helping to go into the depths of the subconscious world and come back with new insights while staying grounded.


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8x7x4.5 inches

Care information

It is considered a living sculpture, although it requires very minimal maintence. The moss requires little light and hardly ever needs to be watered. If you ever find that your moss is beginning to dry out, simply mist very lightly with water. Be sure to keep away from harsh sunlight :)

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