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CLOSEOUT: 100pc Tigers Eye Gemstone Roller Insert for DIY

CLOSEOUT: 100pc Tigers Eye Gemstone Roller Insert for DIY

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Closeout Sale 100 pc Gemstone Rollerball Inserts. Fits standard 5ml and 10ml glass roller bottles.

Approximate Measurements: Top: 12mm Rim: 13 mm Bottom: 9.5 mm Length: 21 mm


*** Tigers Eye is a stone of Balance and Equality. It can help you to find your center between all kinds of dualities, gently showing a place of unity where you exist outside of the worlds of duality and resided in a peaceful state of oneness with all that is. It supports vitality, lends strength and fairness to live as an integrated individual expressing spirit through your actions.



8x7x4.5 inches

Care information

It is considered a living sculpture, although it requires very minimal maintence. The moss requires little light and hardly ever needs to be watered. If you ever find that your moss is beginning to dry out, simply mist very lightly with water. Be sure to keep away from harsh sunlight :)

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